Saturday 5/5/15

8am Skills Class

Rig work

9am Partner WOD

“Mixed Ball”

Teams of 3
For Time (25 Minute Cap):
400 Meter Med Ball Run
100 Deadlifts (155/105)
400 Meter Run
80 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
400 Meter Med Ball Run
60 Front Squats (155/105)
400 Meter Med Ball Run
40 Push Jerks (155/105)
400 Meter Med Ball Run
20 Clusters (155/105)

Med Ball Weight: (30/20)


SC: (115/80), (14/10)

Fit: (95/65), (10)


Five different barbell movements and runs with the Med Ball in this longer chipper. Teams will run with a single Med Ball and pass off as they see fit. One weight will be used for all barbell movements, with the push jerk will likely be the limiting factor for most athletes. This should be a weight that they are capable of completing 15+ push jerks unbroken when fresh. Teams may have different loaded barbells for different athletes on the team